Self Service (Beta)

A powerful yet easy-to-use Brand Advocacy System

Advocacy is the #1 priority for large and small business alike; Zuberance is the first to market with a complete, easy to use, self service advocacy system that turns your enthusiastic customers into a powerful marketing force.

Measurable Results Fast

With Zuberance you can:

  • Capture Advocate Reviews and improve your online reputation
  • Generate qualified traffic and leads, cutting acquisition costs
  • Reach thousands of qualified prospects through trusted, influential recommendations

How it Works

The Zuberance Advocacy system makes it easy for you to systematically:

Build Your Advocate Army

Zuberance gives you the tools to identify your Brand Advocates—enthusiastic customers willing to recommend you to their friends and colleagues.

Activate Your Advocate Army

Zuberance makes it easy for your Advocates to recommend you on Facebook, Twitter, and Email. Zuberance Advocacy apps include:

Advocate Reviews

Advocate Offers

Track Results, Optimize

Zuberance Advocate Analytics track results in real-time. Our Advocate Analytics include:

  • Advocate Actions: Track all Advocate actions (Reviews created, Reviews shared, Offers shared), and the resulting clicks and reach at an individual and aggregate level.
  • Prospect Activity: Track the number of Prospects that read Reviews, click on links and share with other prospects.


Detailed Analytics

What We Provide

  1. Advocate Apps: Our social applications include Advocate ID, Advocate Reviews and Advocate Offers.
  2. Tracking and Analytics: Advocate Analytics give you all the detail you need to track results at the global level, by activity and behaviors, all the way down to the individual Advocate.
  3. Social Publishing: Zuberance makes it easy for Brand Advocates to publish reviews, share offers, and more on Facebook, Twitter and through Email. Advocates are also enabled to publish Reviews on 3rd party sites such as Amazon, Yelp, CNET, Trip Advisor and Google Local.
  4. Widgets: Self Service Widgets allow you to embed the Advocate identification process in your HTML emails, display your Advocate Reviews in your website without requiring re-design and using your existing web presence to identify and energize Advocates.

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