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Ground-Breaking Advocacy System

Advocacy is the #1 priority for CMO's globally, an IBM study showed. Zuberance is the first to market with a complete advocacy system that turns your Advocates into a powerful marketing force.

Measurable Results Fast

With Zuberance you can:

  • Turn Likes into Leads
  • Increase star ratings on review sites
  • Generate qualified traffic and leads
  • Cut customer acquisition costs
  • Reach thousands to millions of qualified prospects with trusted, influential recommendations
  • Get more Facebook fans and Twitter followers

How it Works

The Zuberance Advocacy system makes it easy for you to systematically:

Build Your Advocate Army

Zuberance identifies your Brand Advocates, people willing to recommend you to their social networks, via social listening tools, quick customer surveys, and more.

Activate Your Advocate Army

Zuberance provides tools to Advocates that make it easy for them to recommend you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon, Yelp, YouTube, and more. Zuberance Advocacy apps include:

Advocate Reviews

Advocate Testimonials

Advocate Answers

Advocate Offers

Track Results, Optimize

Zuberance Advocate Analytics track results in real-time. Our Advocate Analytics include:

  • Advocate Recommendations: Track the total number of Advocate recommendations, types of Advocate recommendations, and the resulting clicks and reach (impressions).
  • Advocate Profile and Demographics: Identify Advocates by name and email, key demographic information and behavior.
  • Advocate Activity: Track Advocate activity and segment based on behavior, demographics, campaign or customer attributes for relevant targeting.


Advocate Profile
and Demographics


Advocate Segmentation by Demographic

What We Provide

  1. Advocate Apps: Our social applications include Advocate ID, Advocate Reviews, Advocate Stories, Advocate Offers, and Advocate Answers.
  2. Tracking and Analytics: Our Advocate Analytics gives you all the detail you need to track results at the global level, by demographic segment, by activity and behaviors, all the way down to the individual Advocate.
  3. Professional Services and Expertise: We provide a turn-key solution complete with expertise, strategy and services to define, launch, and manage your Advocate Army.
  4. Social Publishing: Zuberance makes it easy for Brand Advocates to publish reviews, testimonials, and more on social networks and shopping sites, reaching millions of online shoppers and others with trusted and influential recommendations, including:

…and more

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