Customer Testimonials

Brand Advocacy for B2B:

Intuit knew that 60%-80% of their sales were driven by Word of Mouth. Laura Messerschmitt, former Senior Marketing Manager at Intuit, discusses how Intuit is harnessing the power of Word of Mouth at scale to drive leads and sales.

Brand Advocacy for E-Commerce:

Blurb, an online publishing company, has a product that their customers love talking about. Eileen Gittins, Founder & CEO of Blurb, reveals that their brand advocacy strategy has allowed them to cut acquisition costs in half and is now part of their ongoing marketing mix.

Brand Advocacy for Consumer Electronics:

Jim Gustke, VP of Marketing for Ooma, a VOIP provider, discusses the benefits of getting their enthusiastic customers to spread the word about their products. With over 20,000 Advocates, Ooma has energized their brand army to post their positive reviews to Amazon, answer prospects’ questions, and share offers with their networks.

Brand Advocacy for Software:

According to Diane Beaudet, VP of Global Marketing Programs for online protection company Webroot, marketers that aren't leveraging their Brand Advocates are not using all the marketing tools that are available to them. The amplification effect that is caused by Advocates is something you can’t get through any other marketing tactic.

Brand Advocacy for Retail:

Lauren McCadney, Senior Segment Marketing Manager for online IT retailer CDW, shares how the company is leveraging content created by Advocates. She’s found that reviews written by Advocates makes for better marketing company which they can use for direct mail, on their website, and more.

Brand Advocacy for Fitness:

Club One's Director of Marketing & PR, Kari Bedgood, discusses the importance of leveraging their Advocates as a form of reputation management. Club One mobilized their Advocates to write reviews and share offers with their networks. As 60% of memberships are from word of mouth referrals, this has had a tremendous impact on increasing memberships for the fitness chain.

Brand Advocacy for Health Care:

Word of Mouth recommendations are extremely influential when it comes to Healthcare. People turn to peers, patients, and others who have had similar procedures to seek information as a trustworthy source. Social Media Specialist, Reed Smith, discusses how St. David's is identifying patient Advocates and connecting with them to share their St David's story.

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